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Since 2012, Galide has been helping school districts, enterprises, and our upstream ITAD partners recover the most value from their aged technology. Our highly skilled technicians specialize in repairs that are beyond the scope of most hardware remanufacturers. This allows us to pay you for devices that would otherwise be deemed worthless and shipped to a landfill.

All of Galide’s facilities are R2v3 certified, the gold standard for sustainable, secure, and socially responsible electronics recycling. Every device that arrives at our facilities undergoes a rigorous process including ADISA-certified data sanitization, repairing, cleaning, and final audit before it is given a second life in the circular economy.

Galide’s platform provides our customers complete visibility and transparency every step of the way. This includes guaranteed buyback quotes, chain-of-custody tracking, serialized certificates-of-destruction, and detailed environmental impact statements.

Who We Are

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Most importantly, we are committed to always doing what’s best for our community and planet. All of Galide’s actions are guided by our seven core values.

  • Treat Everyone Like Family: Galide was initially founded as a family-owned business and we will never forget it. In a world where many organizations take a business-first approach to their staff, clients and community; we want to approach relationships differently.
  • Win, Win, Win: Our team is built on the concept of win-win-win, where customers, employees, and community all benefit as a whole.
  • Transparency: We believe transparency is the keystone of any successful partnership
  • Challenge Ourselves: We are constantly improving performance and pushing through our comfort barriers by setting aggressive goals and achieving them.
  • Speak Up: We know candor and constructive dissent are critical to our success.
  • Clarity: We communicate with our customers and employees as clearly as possibly.
  • Take Ownership: We hold ourselves accountable for our choices and results

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