Secure Data Destruction

As soon as your devices arrive at Galide’s R2v3 certified facility, our technicians will securely erase all data using the relevant NIST 800-88 compliant disk wipe protocol

  • NIST Clear: Cear applies read/write commands, techniques, and tools, to overwrite data found in all accessible storage locations. It overwrites data with nonsensitive data (binary 1s and 0s) on media such as Advanced Technology Attachment (ATA) hard drives and SSDs.
  • NIST Purge: Purge refers to a physical or logical technique that renders target data recovery infeasible using state-of-the-art laboratory overwrite, block erase, and cryptographic erase methods.

Galide’s goal is to maximize the value you recover from your old devices by giving them a new life in the circular economy. In the event this is not possible, our technicians will employ NIST Destroy protocols in accordance with SERI R2v3 ethical recycling guidelines.

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